01:30 PM - 02:25 PM
Oak Room 2, Cinnamon Grand Colombo

Drones: An Opportunity for Disruptive Innovations

Drones have already begun disrupting many professional fields turning them to higher efficiency and accuracy. Once confined to military, drones have now become a commonplace tool in many professional and social activities. In surveying, drones are used to take aerial images which are post processed to generate topographic survey maps. Drones are used to deliver urgent packages through the aerial route. Drones are deployed for monitoring disaster-hit areas, construction sites, security boarders etc. Drones are deployed for monitoring of crop fields using multi-spectral sensors. The list is getting longer by the day.

It is not the drone, but the sensors used and the software processing which makes the drone an effective disrupting tool in many traditional fields. Using the limitless aerial accessibility, flying qualities, and endurance drones provide, an innovative mind can put together right combination of sensors and software processing to give birth to a world-first innovation to change the status-quo forever. That’s why it makes drones so exciting to the developers.